I want to teach Turkish | Türkçe öğretmek istiyorum.


Welcome to our site. Our site serves two purposes: to offers qualified and free material to people who wants to learn Turkish and to people who wants to teach Turkish as a foreign language. In this context, we hope that the educational materials you will encounter on the site will be useful for you.

Our system is established with the support of TÜBİTAK and it is currently limited with A1 level. We are still working to improve. Our aim is to provide learners contents differentiated according to their readiness levels and prepare a guide for Turkish language learners on this subject.

We value your, educators’, opinions in this context. We prepared a registrationform to better evaluate the feedback we will take from you and for possible future cooperation. We request you to share some demographic information with us such as the institution you work for, your area of specialization, age and gender. Personal information registered to the system can only be monitored by you. These information will never be shared with other people. Your information is under guarantee in servers of Yaşar University.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our project team via turkce@yasar.edu.tr.

Hoping to be useful,

Project Team