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Welcome to the Learning Turkish platform! Do you have time and place limitations to learn Turkish? You can learn Turkish for free from expert instructors in this field by using this platform, which you can reach 7 days and 24 hours from around the world.

System Features

You can learn Turkish at A1 level with Türkçe Öğreniyorum. Türkçe Öğreniyorum is designed to be compatible with both the contents of Yunus Emre Institute and Turkish Language Learning Research and Application Center (TÖMER) in accordance with the open and distance learning philosophy. It contains interactive learning tools with which learners can develop not only their grammar skills but also speaking, writing and listening skills.

Lecture Videos

You can obtain basic information for each module in just a few minutes. Also, you can watch the videos with English, French, Arabic and Russian subtitles.

Drama Videos

They contain real-life dialogues and events. You can integrate Turkish in with your daily life more easily with the help of these videos.

Games and Puzzles

They are designed to practice while having fun. You can repeat the words in the related chapter with word puzzles and play games on completing daily dialogues.

Listening Activities

These activates are to hear the pronunciations of the expressions, words and notions mentioned in the chapters. You can match the pronunciated word with the visual or text. Thus, you can reinforce the words and expressions you learned.

Writing Activities

They are for you to complete the missing parts in words or sentences mentioned in the chapter. With these activities, you can improve your writing skills and control the accuracy of your answers.

Pronunciation Activities

These activities help you to pronunciate the words and sentences you learned and compare them by listening to your own pronunciation.

Assessment At The End Of The Chapter

It contains the subject you learned in the chapter and the activities you performed. You can see how much you learned by taking the self-assessment quiz, which contains 10 questions and contain listening, writing and reading activities. You can repeat the test as many times as you like,

Dictionary of Rules

You can have a good knowledge on main grammatical rules of Turkish language with this tool. You can learn and practice the rules in detail with this tool. It has English, Arabic, Russian and French language support. You can access the tool independently of the modules.

Different Language Support

You can access the lecture videos with English, French, Arabic and Russian subtitles. There are also English, French, Arabic and Russian translations for the dictionary of rules and dictionary of vocabulary.


The course contains four different definitions of the words in the A1 level. Also, you can reinforce vocabulary with visuals and examples used in sentences. There are also listening and speaking activities for each word. Thus, you can not only learn the meaning of the word, but also practice its pronunciation and use it in your daily life more effectively.


It is a platform where learners and instructors communicate with each other in written form. You can ask your questions about how to use the system and share your suggestions. You can also write in Turkish to other learners around the World. You can ask questions and exchange opinions about the topics.

Virtual Meeting Tool

You can speak with Turkish instructors live and make video chat. You can repeat the subjects; do speaking and writing activities during the virtual meetings. You can attend these meetings in groups and get feedback from our instructors while voice-chatting and video-chatting with the Turkish language learners around the World."